Study Meetings of College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Poster:Shyi-Shiun KuoPost date:2019-09-28
Through carrying out the disadvantaged student assistance project, the study meetings are group learning activities which are more effective in study achievement instead of work-study for students themself, so that the economically disadvantaged students can balance the needs between their work and life and enhance their study opportunities.

If the disadvantaged students want to join the study meetings from Octorber to December, please follow the steps below for registration every month:
  • Step 1. Fill the registration form at the department office before starting of each month in order to determine the number of participants to ensure the rights of students.
  • Step 2. If you are permitted to join the study meeting, please log in the registration system to complete the formal registration.
If you log in the registration system to enroll the study meeting, but not fill registration form at the department office before that, your enrollment will be cancelled.
The students have fulfilled the form in Step 1 but not complete Step 2, the reservations will be also cancelled.

For detailed information, please download the attachment.
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