Teaching Resources

The Department currently has 10 teachers titled with assistant professor or above; eight teachers with a doctorate degree, whose study and work cover the multimedia technology and Internet information and communication technology related focus areas. Topics include: multimedia and video systems, multimedia animation and digital content production technology, amplification and virtual reality technology, computer and wireless sensor network applications, and e-commerce security.
Classroom No

Laboratory names

Support programs
E330 Computer Classroom Android programming, multimedia display technology, digital image processing, Java programming language, interactive web design, internet programming, web design, information technology practice, network marketing planning
E429-1 Somatosensory Applications Laboratory Embedded application software design, interactive display design, computer graphics
E429-2 3D image scanning application seminar rooms

Special topic

E430 Computer animation design and development laboratory Digital image processing, open graphics software applications, 2D computer graphics, 2D interactive animation, 2D game design, advanced 3D animation
E628 Internet shopping simulation laboratory Database systems, cloud applications, database design practices, e-commerce, e-commerce security, database design and management
E629 Research seminar rooms Discussion space
E634 Topic Achievement Exhibition Room Thematic achievements exhibition space
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