Student Matters


Corresponding Occupation

Course Module Representatives of occupational titles
Internet shopping business and management modules

E-commerce manager

Site manager

Web Designer

Internet media web designer
Multimedia animation show technology modules

Multimedia animation designer

2D / 3D animator

Internet media animators

Dynamic Web Designer

Prospects After Graduation
  • Further Education
In addition to applying for the graduate schools including domestic and foreign information technology,
multimedia and animation, digital content and the information communication technology institutes, graduates
may also choose to apply for networking and communication, information management, Internet marketing and
creative design institutes for further study.
  • Employment
(1) Service to public and private enterprises; engaging in grassroots design, service, assistant duties, or also engaging in marketing, logistics, data processing interbank jobs.
(2) Joining into the multimedia design or Internet marketing companies; served as media production, the commodity data management, hardware and software operations and maintenance jobs.
(3) Service to government agencies; through the high, general, special examination and passing work in government agencies, working in data processing and machine room operation.
(4) Obtaining professional licenses such as multimedia, software applications, and website build management licenses; entrepreneurial in the network environment, engaging in site operators or network commodity shelves sales, and taking foundry work.
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